Tesla rolls out software update 2018.21.9 for Autopilot system

Tesla rolls out software update 2018.21.9 for Autopilot system

In accordance with Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s earlier-this-week announcement, the automaker is rolling out a new software update for its Autopilot system for its electric vehicles. The new Autopilot software update rolled out by Tesla Motors is update 2018.21.9.

The latest Autopilot software update being released by Tesla Motors is expected to enhance the performance of the system, as well as bring aboard a new feature which will have the ability to render nearby vehicles on the instrument cluster.

The rollout of the Autopilot software update by Tesla comes within months of some previous reports that the automaker has commenced the beta-testing of a new Autopilot update with the new rendering feature, along with a more advanced neural net. An earlier update by the automaker had brought on the more advanced neural net to the Autopilot, but had missed out the new rendering feature.

The latest 2018.21.9 software update finally marks the introduction of the new rendering feature. In addition, the update also brings along some improvements to the other Autopilot features, thereby building on the formerly updated neural net.

The new Autopilot software is now being tested by the owners of Tesla electric vehicles, with some videos of the first drives also being posted by them.