Tesla is reportedly producing nearly 4,000 Model 3 units per week

Tesla is reportedly producing nearly 4,000 Model 3 units per week

According to a report by a Tesla Motors Club member, Tesla has ramped up the production of Model 3 to approximately 4,000 vehicles per week, after the production shutdown in April 2018. Tesla has been under pressure as the pending orders for Model 3 remain very high and the company hasn’t been able to ramp-up the production as per initial plans. Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk has been carefully watching the production process and in the recent weeks, the production numbers have improved.

Tesla has not officially shared the production numbers during the recent weeks. Investors were concerned about Tesla’s ability to deliver on its promises to meet the demand for mass-market Model 3.

The Tesla Motors Club member, bkmxp100d, who has provided the upbeat speculations about Model 3 production, is an owner of a Tesla electric vehicle. In reporting that the Tesla Model 3 production line is touching 4,000 units a week, the Tesla Motors Club member has revealed that the information has been sourced from a friend working at Tesla’s Fremont factory.

As per the report, the pace of the Model 3 production line has benefitted notably from the temporary production shutdown in April. The shutdown reportedly enabled Tesla to produce 4,290 units of Model 3 in 7 days, hitting a production peak of 638 units in a day.

The report is substantiated by some other members of the forum community as well, who -- citing the information provided by their own sources at Tesla -- are reporting the production figures for Tesla Model 3 are hovering around the ‘4,000 units per week’ mark.

The reported increase of Model 3 production by Tesla to nearly 4,000 units per week is almost in line with the estimated Model 3 production numbers from Bloomberg’s online tracker. Presently, the tracker shows that Tesla is advancing towards a production rate of 4,000 Model 3 units per week.