Tesla releases software update ‘2018.18.1’ for Model 3 to bring on some new features

Tesla releases software update ‘2018.18.1’ for Model 3 to bring on some new features

Electric car maker Tesla Motors has released a new update for its Model 3 software user interface, introducing some new features for the vehicle. The company was lagging behind with the software for Model 3 and many features were missing from Tesla's mass-market vehicle.

Since Tesla has commenced the deliveries of Model 3 electric vehicle without completing its software user interface, the new update to the vehicle’s software is the latest of the several updates released by the automaker over the past few months.

With the Model 3 software updates by Tesla gradually bringing the features of the vehicle on par with the features which come standard in Model S and Model X vehicles, the latest software update rolled out for Model 3 is the software update ‘2018.18.1.’

The software update brings the automatic high beam feature to Model 3, which has already been updated with the Chill Mode and a few other features via the latest updates.

Along with the automatic high beam feature, which was a much-requested feature by Model 3 owners, the new software update also brings a refreshed media player interface to the vehicle. In addition, Model 3 owners have reported that latest software update has also fixed some minor bugs.

It is being expected that some more new features will be introduced for Model 3 when Tesla completes the vehicle’s software on the new screen and onboard media computer.