Tesla plans significant push in China with bigger retail presence

Tesla plans significant push in China with bigger retail presence

US electric vehicle maker Tesla Motors is planning a massive push in China, to benefit from the changes announced by the Chinese authorities with regard to electric vehicles. Tesla Motors has already announced its plans for Chinese manufacturing facility and Tesla CEO Elon Musk is planning to speed up Tesla’ Chinese ambitions. Chinese market has strong demand for electric vehicles and Chinese government is pushing forward for higher sales of electric vehicles with strong regulations.

China has already announced a change in terms of local manufacturing, by giving Tesla Motors and other overseas automakers the permission to manufacture their vehicles in the country. Moreover, with the authorities in China having recently announced that import duties on vehicles are being reduced from 25% to 15%, Tesla can take advantage of the significant reduction in import duties because imports are the only way in which the company is selling its vehicles in China.

Tesla’s plans to make a significant push in China involve an effort to ensure a much larger retail presence in the country. To achieve that objective, Tesla has recently listed on its Chinese website, hundreds of new China-based positions with a large number of these positions apparently linked to new retail locations.

The new positions listed by Tesla indicate an apparent attempt by the company to increase the number of its stores and service centers in China. Presently, the company operates more than 80 stores and service centers in the country.

Tesla has also recently made an addition to the number of its stores in China. The company has opened a new store, earlier this month, at the Changsha International Finance Center in central China.