Tesla increases Powerwall battery unit’s price by $400

Tesla increases Powerwall battery unit’s price by $400

In a recent move, Tesla has marginally increased the price of its Powerwall home battery pack unit. The move comes at a time when the deployment of Powerwall by Tesla is on the increase; with thousands of reservation holders still awaiting the installations of their home battery pack systems.

According to GTM, which first spotted the Powerwall price increase on the Tesla website, the cost of second-generation Powerwall has been increased by Tesla by $400. With the price increase in place, the cost of the home battery pack unit has gone up from $5,500 to $5,900.

By increasing the cost of its Powerwall battery unit by $400, Tesla has reduced the great price advantage which it had secured over its rivals.

Although Tesla has officially commented on the Powerwall price-increase move, the company has not specified whether the $400 increase in the cost of the battery unit is a result of an actual “improvement” in hardware or it simply marks a change in the pricing strategy for the Powerwall 2.

In reference of the Powerwall 2 price increase, a Tesla spokesperson said that the global pricing of energy products is evaluated by the company on the basis of several factors. Further adding that Tesla “continues to make improvements that will simplify homeowner experience,” the spokesperson said: “Powerwall continues to provide great value for customers and installers.”