Subaru is considering electric versions of its current models

Subaru is considering electric versions of its current models

In a Friday statement made at the Tokyo headquarters of Subaru Corporation, CEO Yasuyuki Yoshinaga said that the Japanese automaker is looking to venture into the electric-vehicle (EV) market by launching electric versions of its existing models.

With tightening emissions rules pressurizing automakers around the world to invest in battery-powered vehicles, Yoshinaga said during the course of an interview that Subaru is mulling the installation of electric powertrains in its current models instead of developing an all-new EV.

Yoshinaga further added that launching electrified editions of its existing vehicles will enable Subaru to take advantage of its reputation for safety, without having to partner with another auto brand to bring new EVs to the market. However, he also said alongside that Subaru will have to tie-up with companies such as Panasonic and Samsung Electronics for the supply of battery and motor, if it implements its strategy to launch electric versions of its existing models.

In a further elaboration of the strategy under consideration by Subaru, Yoshinaga said that the automaker believes that it is better to stick with one nameplate rather than launching EV technology under a sub-brand.

Yoshinaga explained that giving customers the choice of buying an electrified version of an attractive Subaru vehicle, like the XV crossover, would mean that the customers will be able to buy the Subaru model they desire.