Porsche releases first ‘Taycan’ teaser images focused on the vehicle “having a soul”

Porsche releases first ‘Taycan’ teaser images focused on the vehicle “having a soul”

Renowned German automaker Porsche has released the first teaser images of its production version ‘Taycan’ --- the company’s forthcoming all-electric sedan which was previously called Mission E.

The release of the first Taycan images by Porsche have come a few days after a notable announcement by the automaker that Taycan is the new name for Mission E -- which was launched as a concept vehicle in 2015 -- as the all-electric sedan goes into production.

Taycan is the first all-electric vehicle to be launched by Porsche. The automaker will likely announce an official unveiling of the all-electric sedan by the end of 2018, with its production expected to begin in 2019.

The recently-released Taycan images, in the form of a video, mark Porsche’s first marketing effort for the production version of the vehicle. With the automaker already positioning the all-electric sedan as being a “real Porsche,” the video teasing the Taycan mainly focuses on the vehicle “having a soul.”

In its description of the Taycan, Porsche said that “a soul” is something which is common to all its models. The automaker further elaborated the meaning of vehicles having “a soul” by saying that it is “a certain feeling you get as a driver as soon as you get behind the wheel;” and added that though the upcoming Taycan is powered by electricity, “the soul, once again, is the same.”