Peterbilt working on all-electric class 8 Truck to challenge Tesla Semi

Peterbilt working on all-electric class 8 Truck to challenge Tesla Semi

In a recent announcement, truck manufacturer Peterbilt has disclosed that it is working on an all-electric class 8 truck program to offer competition to Tesla Semi electric trucks. The funding for Peterbilt’s program will come from the California Air Resources Board as well as a consortium of regional air quality districts in California.

According to the announcement, Peterbilt is partnering with Meritor and TransPower, for the production and supply of all-electric drivetrain systems for two Peterbilt vehicle platforms.

In a more specific elaboration about the two vehicle platforms, Peterbilt said that electric powertrains will be produced by Meritor and TransPower for “12 Peterbilt all-electric Class 8 Model 579 day cab tractors and three Model 520 refuse trucks.”

In order to ascertain the ranges and the operating hours of Peterbilt’s an all-electric class 8 trucks, the company will use the trucks during a test program for nearly one year. The test program will also enable the truck-maker to determine the charging requirements of the trucks when they operate alongside conventional diesel-powered trucks in real-world service conditions.

Meanwhile, about Meritor’s partnership with Peterbilt, Jay Craig -- President and CEO of Meritor -- said that the collaboration “reinforces the viability of our advanced technology and electrified solutions that are adaptable for a wide range of applications.”