Northvolt’s planned battery Gigafactory enters first phase of construction

Northvolt’s planned battery Gigafactory enters first phase of construction

In a recent press release, Northvolt has revealed that construction on the first phase of its planned battery gigafactory has commenced. The company has also started building ‘Northvolt Labs’ in Sweden for further R&D in the sector.

The announcement by Northvolt is noteworthy because the company CEO Peter Carlsson and COO Paolo Cerruti, both are former Tesla executives attempting to build their own gigafactory for batteries in Europe. The gigafactory planned by Carlsson and Cerruti will be apparently the largest lithium-ion battery factory in Europe, with its size comparable to the first phase of the Gigafactory 1 built by Tesla in Nevada.

Announcing that the construction of ‘Northvolt Labs’ in Sweden is now underway, Northvolt said in the press release that ‘Northvolt Labs’ will basically serve as a ‘research facility’ where lithium-ion battery cells will be designed, tested, industrialized, and qualified, before starting their large-scale production.

Northvolt has also disclosed that the production capacity of ‘Northvolt Labs’ will be 125 MWh per year, which will eventually be expanded for the battery gigafactory.

The company also said that it will likely begin production at the planned battery gigafactory in 2020, initially aiming at a yearly capacity of 8 GWh per year. Later, when the construction of the entire battery gigafactory gets completed in 2023, the company will aim for 32 GWh of capacity.