Nissan shows convertible version of Leaf EV at Tokyo forum

Nissan shows convertible version of Leaf EV at Tokyo forum

At a forum held on Friday in Tokyo, Japan, for discussing the creation of an emissions-free society, automaker Nissan introduced the Leaf Open Car, a convertible version of the company’s Leaf electric car.

The Nissan Leaf is an electric hatchback, which hit the markets in 2011, and was updated by Nissan in 2017. The Leaf was the first modern electric vehicle (EV) from a mainstream automaker.

The recently-debuted Leaf Open Car, the electric Leaf’s convertible version, at the forum was a somewhat odd-looking convertible because the EV is a hatchback. The convertible had a roll hoop all the way at the back behind its tall rear seats.

The overall appearance of the Leaf Open Car introduced by Nissan was similar to a sled which passengers ride in on a roller coaster. The rear doors of the Leaf convertible concept were welded shut; and, if the vehicle has any windows, they apparently will not have any frames.

The idea of a Nissan Leaf convertible would evidently be appreciated by drivers who are keen on preserving the environment as well as experiencing that environment while driving. However, Nissan has stated that as of now, it does not have any production plans for a convertible version of Nissan Leaf EV.