Nissan CEO: Not range but cost of ownership is important factor for EVs now

Nissan CEO: Not range but cost of ownership is important factor for EVs now

A Nikkei Asian Review report has revealed that Carlos Ghosn, CEO of Japanese automaker Nissan Motor said during a recent speech that it is time for the cost of the electric vehicles (EVs) to be reduced. Electric vehicle manufacturers have been concentrated on improving range of electric vehicles as an important factor but Ghosn feels that 300 kilometers range is enough and now impetus should be on reducing cost of EVs.

Highlighting the fact that most of the EV makers “guarantee more than 300 kilometers (188 miles)” on a single charge, Ghosn -- who spearheads one of the bestselling EV automakers in the world -- said that according to Nissan’s experience in the EV market, “consumers do not talk anymore about range or autonomy.”

Speaking at a Nissan event recently held in Hong Kong, Ghosn said that the 188-mile range of present-day EVs is quite sufficient. He also added alongside that what is now required is to bring down the price of the EVs.

Sharing some key marketing insights with regard to EVs based on Nissan’s perspective of the EV market, Ghosn said: “You had to have 500,000 (electric) cars on the ground to understand that consumers do not put autonomy on top of their concerns any more when you cross 300 km.”

With Nissan already making efforts to manufacture EVs with smaller batteries to reduce the price, the key point which Ghosn apparently underlined at the Hong Kong event is that EVs can become popular among mainstream customers only when they have an affordable price-tag.