Nikola Motor Company files patent-infringement lawsuit against Tesla Motors

Nikola Motor Company files patent-infringement lawsuit against Tesla Motors

Earlier this week, Utah-based Nikola Motor Company filed a patent-infringement lawsuit against California-based electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla Motors. The lawsuit was filed on Tuesday, just ahead of Tesla’s first-quarter 2018 earnings report.

In the lawsuit, Nikola Motor Company has accused Tesla of violating its design patents for the manufacturing of the Tesla Semi all-electric truck.

Nikola Motor Company has claimed in the lawsuit filing that the damage which the company estimates from Tesla’s alleged patent infringement would apparently be a mammoth amount, “in excess of $2 billion.”

Tesla, meanwhile, has rebuffed Nikola Motor Company’s patent-infringement claims. In reaction to the lawsuit filing, a Tesla spokesperson has asserted in an email interview with Reuters: “It’s patently obvious there is no merit to this lawsuit.”

Meanwhile, providing some pertinent information about Nikola Motor Company’s court filing against Tesla, Reuters has revealed that the design of the Tesla Semi electric truck is ‘substantially’ similar to the design of the Nikola One hydrogen fuel cell powered electric trucks which Nikola Motor plans to bring to the market.

The Reuters report has further specified that Nikola Motor has claimed that the US Patent and Trademark Office had issued it 6 design patents during the period February-April 2018. The patents pertain to the “wrap windshield, mid-entry door, fuselage, fender, side cladding, and the overall design of the Nikola One.”

Tesla has received good response to its electric Semi Truck and the company is working on improving range of semi trucks. Logistics and courier companies have placed orders for Tesla’s electric semi truck.