New Nissan Leaf is helping the sales of flagship EV in US market

New Nissan Leaf is helping the sales of flagship EV in US market

According to reports, the sales data for Japanese automaker Nissan’s Leaf electric vehicles (EV) has witnessed improvement in the US, after the launch of the new Nissan Leaf.

The new Nissan Leaf is the next-generation model of the Nissan’s flagship EV. The new Leaf was launched in 2017, and it has revived the automaker’s sales in a number of markets, including Japan and Europe.

The sales of the new Leaf, however, have been fairly slow in the US. While tens of thousands of units of the new Leaf have been delivered by Nissan in Japan and Europe, the sales of the EV in the US have just been a few thousand units.

Nissan has recently announced the sales figures for the Leaf in the US for the last two months. According to the figures shared by the automaker, 1,171 units of the Leaf were delivered in the country in April 2018, while only 895 units were delivered in March 2018.

The mentioned figures are comparatively better than the figures of nearly 3,000 Leaf deliveries in the US in 2014, during the EV’s peak-sales period in the country.

But, with the 2017 launch of the new Leaf, the EV’s sales in the US are slowly rising. Although the US Leaf sales figures for the last two months are not notably substantial, they still underscore an increase of 10% over the same-period sales in 2017.