New LEAF buyers claim that Nissan’s advertising for EV was “totally misleading”

New LEAF buyers claim that Nissan’s advertising for EV was “totally misleading”

According to media reports, the owners of Nissan’s new LEAF electric vehicle (EV) are apparently displeased with the automaker for having provided misleading information about the car and its charging time. A detailed report has been published by BBC, citing views of owners in the United Kingdom.

Going by the issues voiced by some owners of the new LEAF, the charging time taken by the electric car is nearly three times the charging time which Nissan had claimed on its website. Moreover, some other owners of the new LEAF have said that the range of the car falls significantly short of what Nissan had promised.

With regard to the charging time, Nissan had initially told the prospective new LEAF buyers in 2017 that the electric car will take just 40 minutes -- thanks to the use of rapid chargers -- for a charge of up to 80%, in “moderate driving conditions.” Later, the automaker had changed the charging time to 40-60 minutes. However, the vehicle’s owners are complaining that the recharging of the vehicle at motorway service stations takes up to two and a half hours.

Moreover, another disappointment for the new LEAF buyers is that the automaker had claimed that the electric car will have a range of 235 miles on a single charge. But, some buyers who have ventured on long journeys have found that the actual range is much less --- approximately 155 miles.

On account of these discrepancies, new LEAF buyers feel that Nissan’s advertising for the vehicle was “totally misleading.”