Munro & Associates: Tesla Model 3 teardown points to strong gross margin

Munro & Associates: Tesla Model 3 teardown points to strong gross margin

Engineering research and consulting firm Munro & Associates has recently revealed that it has completed its teardown and analysis of Tesla’s Model 3 electric car. In reporting its final report on the Model 3 teardown, the firm has said that car’s cost analysis points toward a “highly profitable” vehicle.

Specifically, the final Tesla Model 3 teardown report by Munro & Associates has revealed a gross margin of more than 30 percent for the vehicle, on the lines of the projections voiced repeatedly by Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk.

The reported profitability of over 30 percent reported by Munro & Associates for the Model 3 is somewhat surprising because the research firm appeared to be extremely critical of the vehicle in the partial reports it has been releasing over the past few months. In its initial comments, the firm had hinted that Model 3 would be an unprofitable and unsuccessful vehicle for Tesla.

However, after a second teardown of Model 3, Munro & Associates has finally found that the vehicle has a potentially high gross margin.

In admitting that Munro & Associates had apparently gone wrong initially with regard to its Model 3 teardown and analysis, the company’s president Sandy Munro has said in a recent interview with Autoline that he was ‘kind of misled’ by the first impressions of the car, and added that now he has to “eat crow.”