MINI is designing its second EV, exclusively for Chinese market

MINI is designing its second EV, exclusively for Chinese market

Auto Express magazine has disclosed in a recent report that British automobile brand MINI is designing its second fully electric vehicle (EV), which is being developed exclusively for the Chinese market.

The move by MINI is noteworthy because China is the company’s fourth largest market; with car sales in the country being more than 35,000 units in 2017.

The Auto Express report implies that the new fully electric vehicle being designed by MINI will not be available in the UK. Moreover, it has been reported that the new China-specific EV will be launched ahead of the scheduled 2019 launch of the three-door MINI E in the UK.

However, as of now, there has been no official disclosure from MINI’s top executives about the form of the EV that the company is designing for China. Nonetheless, as per Auto Express’ projections, the vehicle will apparently be completely different from the three-door MINI E.

According to the report, the EV which MINI is developing for the Chinese market will be manufactured in China itself, as part of the company’s joint venture with Great Wall Motors. But, in spite of the joint venture, MINI has no plans for creating a new setup for the sales of its upcoming EV in China. The company plans to sell the EV in the country via its existing network.