Mercedes-Benz shares new info about ‘EQC’ SUV development program

Mercedes-Benz shares new info about ‘EQC’ SUV development program

In a recent press release, German automaker Mercedes-Benz has shared interesting information about the latest developments in the test program for the newest all-electric ‘EQC’ SUV prototypes.

Mercedes-Benz has been leaking some details about its all-electric ‘EQC’ SUV development program over the last few months and automobile industry analysts are closely watching the EV development at Mercedes-Benz. The SUV will be the first vehicle to be offered by the automaker under its new ‘EQ’ sub-brand for electric vehicles (EVs).

The EQC SUV -- which has been in development for nearly 3 years now -- is scheduled to go into production in 2019; and will mark a notably serious EV effort by Mercedes-Benz. The all-electric vehicles which the automaker has produced till now have been compliance cars which were based on its existing gas-powered models.

With the winter tests of the EQC SUV having been completed by Mercedes-Benz in March this year, the automaker has revealed in its recent press release about the all-electric vehicle’s development program that it is working on “more suspension/powertrain tests as well as integrated complete-vehicle high-temperature testing in southern Europe.”

Mercedes-Benz has also said in the press release that it has carried out a totally digital testing of the EQC SUV under its ongoing development program. According to the automaker, digital testing encompasses all the main aspects of vehicle development, including simulation, aerodynamics, validation of production feasibility, crash performance, ride & handling, weight, range, and NVH (noise/vibration/harshness).