Luxembourg employs two Tesla Model S sedans as police patrol cars

Luxembourg employs two Tesla Model S sedans as police patrol cars

In Luxembourg, two electric vehicles (EVs) manufactured by Tesla Motors will be used by the police for patrolling purposes. The two Tesla cars which are being used a police patrol cars are Model S sedans.

The use of two Tesla Models S sedans as police patrol cars in Luxembourg is a noteworthy development because although the police departments around the world have been using the increasingly popular Tesla EVs in recent times, the EVs have hardly been used for patrolling.

The Luxembourg police department has started using Tesla Model S sedans after having revealed its plans for the same in 2017. However, it was due to delays in regulatory approval of the cars that the police was not able to implement the planned move till now. The delay, for a few months, by Luxembourg regulators in approving the vehicles was a result of issues linked to the new light systems and the pending completion of high-speed tests.

About the two Tesla Model S sedans now being used for patrolling, Luxembourg police has said that one Model S sedan is being used as “a motorway patrol vehicle,” while the other is being used as part of a fleet performing police escort duties --- that is, the “Service Escortes et Contrôles (SEC)” fleet.

The police department has also revealed that eight officers have received training for using the Tesla Model S sedans.