Kia reveals production version of Niro EV in South Korea

Kia reveals production version of Niro EV in South Korea

At the Fifth International Electric Vehicle Expo in South Korea, Kia Motors revealed the production version of its new Niro EV electric car. The production car was debuted by Kia Motors at the event alongside the Niro Plug-In Hybrid and Soul EV. Kia Motor Company is the second largest automobile manufacturers in South Korea, following market leader Hyundai Motor Company.

Kia’s new Niro EV electric car is based on the Niro hybrid and plug in hybrid which are already available. However, the model of those vehicles has been further advanced by Kia for the Niro EV for which it has completely dispensed with the gas engine.

Kia had introduced the Niro EV Concept at the Consumer Electronics Show last January. In comparison to the concept unveiled at the show, the Niro EV production version recently revealed by the company is somewhat conventional in overall appearance, and is based on the existing shape, lights, and bumpers.

According to the information shared by Kia about the Niro EV, the electric car will be offered with two battery capacities --- a 64 kWh battery capable of 236-mile range; and a 39.2 kWh battery capable of 149-mile range. Some of the standard features of the Niro EV will include 17-inch wheels, smart cruise control, frontal collision avoidance support, lane departure assistance, and rear collision alerts.

The Niro EV will first be available in the South Korean market (later in 2018) before hitting other markets. Kia has not yet confirmed whether Niro EV will be available in the US.