Jaguar’s battery-powered V20E boat breaks maritime speed record

Jaguar’s battery-powered V20E boat breaks maritime speed record

According to news reports from Europe, renowned automaker Jaguar has developed a small and speedy battery-powered V20E boat which has recently broken a maritime speed record.

The reports about the noteworthy achievement of Jaguar’s V20E boat have come in coincidence with the automaker’s currently-ongoing efforts to launch its first all-electric car, the Jaguar I-Pace.

The V20E electric boat which just broke the world record has been developed by racing experts at Jaguar Vector, along with Williams Advanced Engineering from which the components of the tiny boat’s electric drivetrain have been borrowed.

To break the maritime speed record, the V20E boat -- piloted by Jaguar Vector co-founder Peter Dredge -- managed to achieve ‘88.62 miles per hour’ speeds across an eight-mile distance of the Coniston Water lake in Cumbria, England.

The speeds achieved by Dredge’s boat broke the previous maritime speed record of ‘76.8 miles per hour.’ That record was set a decade back.

The specifications of Jaguar’s small V20E electric boat with regard to its battery, motor, and controller are not clear as of now. However, reports have revealed that the hardware and technology which the team of racing experts used for developing the electric boat was similar to that used by Jaguar in its Formula E all-electric street racing series.