JAC Volkswagen launches new EV brand in China, unveils its first product

JAC Volkswagen launches new EV brand in China, unveils its first product

At the 2018 Beijing International Auto Show, JAC Volkswagen unveiled a new all-electric SUV -- the E20X -- which also marks the first product of the company’s new ‘SOL’ electric vehicle (EV) brand for the Chinese market.

JAC Volkswagen has been setup as Volkswagen’s Chinese joint-venture with JAC. The launch of the SOL brand and the all-electric SUV E20X underscores Volkswagen’s initial steps towards a significant electrification effort in China, evidently in an attempt to ensure compliance with the country’s aggressive ZEV mandate. Volkswagen plans to launch a total of 40 EVs, via its different brands, in China over the next 7-8 years.

Launching the new E20X SUV for its SOL brand, JAC Volkswagen said that the vehicle -- which is seemingly a rebranded version of JAC’s iEV7S -- is a “pure electric SUV” which will be targeted at the volume market in China. The market for electric vehicles is fast growing in China as the government has set impressive targets for EVs and offers decent subsidy for purchase of green vehicles.

Volkswagen JAC further revealed that the range of the E20X SUV will be “more than 300 km,” according to the NEDC standard. Hence, the potential buyers of the vehicle can expect the actual range of the vehicle to be around 200 km or more, depending on driving conditions.

The cost of E20X all-electric SUV will be approximately ~120,000 yuan (~$19,000) after incentives; and it is scheduled to hit the market in the second half of 2018.