Ionity installs new ‘ultra-fast’ EV charging station, in Switzerland

Ionity installs new ‘ultra-fast’ EV charging station, in Switzerland

Ionity has announced that it has completed the installation of a new ‘ultra-fast’ electric-vehicle (EV) charging station in Switzerland, within weeks of the deployment of its first station in Germany.

Ionity is a massive new ‘ultra-fast’ joint electric car charging network spearheaded by BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen, and Ford. With the Ionity EV charging stations going online in recent weeks, it is evident that network is beginning to take shape in Europe.

The design of the latest EV charging station deployed by Ionity in Switzerland has a totally different from the one installed in Germany. However, the new station boasts the ‘ultra-fast’ EV charging technology as well as a CCS connector like the previous station.

Although Ionity has a very limited number of EV charging stations installed at present, the company has announced that its stations can be used by EV owners ‘for free’ till the end of May 2018.

Overall, Ionity plans to deploy a total of 400 EV charging stations in Europe by the year 2020. The stations will have a capacity of up to 350 kW. The work on the first 20 Ionity EV charging stations was commenced in 2017, with the company targeting the installation of 100 stations in 2018.