Honda commences production of Third-Gen Insight Hybrid at Indiana factory

Honda commences production of Third-Gen Insight Hybrid at Indiana factory

According to a recent announcement by Honda, the production of the automaker’s new, third-generation Insight hybrid has been commenced at its manufacturing plant in Indiana this week. Honda has revealed that the new Insight hybrid will go on sale in early summer.

The announcement about the start of production of third-generation Insight hybrid comes within months of Honda’s first unveiling of the concept version of the vehicle in January 2018 at the Detroit auto show. The production version of the car was introduced by Honda in March 2018.

The third-generation Honda Insight Hybrid is quite similar in appearance to the Honda Civic sedan. As such, the new car is unlike its predecessor, the second-generation Insight hybrid, which looked like a Civic hatchback.

Moreover, as compared to the previous generations of the Insight which were mild hybrids, the third-generation Insight is equipped with Honda's new two-motor full-hybrid system, which enables the car to run on electric power for nearly a mile before its small 1.5-liter 4-cylinder engine needs to be turned on.

Despite the fact that the EPA fuel-economy estimates for Honda’s third-generation Insight hybrid are yet to be released, the automaker is hopeful that highway fuel-economy rating of the vehicle will be in mid- to high 40s; with an expected rating of at least 55 mpg in the city and more than 50 mpg overall.