Germany introduces new plan to slash heavy-vehicle emissions

Germany introduces new plan to slash heavy-vehicle emissions

In an apparent move to cut down emissions from heavy vehicles in Germany, Federal transport minister Andreas Scheuer has introduced a new plan under which truck tolls will be waived off for electric trucks.

The plan introduced by Scheuer will take effect from January 2019. The move, involving a truck toll waiver for electric trucks, is projected to lead to an approximate net savings of €5,000 per vehicle, depending on the routes on which the electric trucks are used.

Sharing details of the plan with Süddeutsche Zeitung, Scheuer said that the proposed change underscores an attempt to improve the quality of air in urban areas. With cities becoming increasingly active in accepting as well as fighting urban emissions, the government is hopeful that the new plan will serve as a notable encouragement for fleet managers looking to justify an early adoption of electric trucks.

In announcing the new plan, Scheuer told Süddeutsche Zeitung that “Electric trucks will be exempt from truck tolls from 1 January 2019;” and added that the move will be “a great incentive for transport companies to switch to green vehicles.”

However, as is the case with other early adopter incentives, the new plan introduced by Scheuer will likely have a limited life unless the German government can find another revenue source to counterbalance the nearly €5 billion revenue its collects from the truck toll over the long haul.