Fully-electric Ferrari may not arrive in market before 2023

Fully-electric Ferrari may not arrive in market before 2023

Automotive News magazine has revealed in a recent report that a fully electrified Ferrari is not likely to hit the markets before 2023. According to the report, a full-electric Ferrari will apparently not be a part of the automaker’s line-up in the near future because such a vehicle is not a part of the automaker’s 2018-2022 business plans.

The report by Automotive News is based on the information shared by Ferrari Chairman Sergio Marchionne at the automaker’s annual meeting.

Although Marchionne has previously said that Ferrari will probably include an EV in its current business plans which will run through 2022, the latest statement at the annual meeting implies that the decision to bring an EV to the market has been deferred by the automaker.

However, despite the push back in Ferrari’s plans for a potential fully-electric EV, the automaker has confirmed that the global unveiling of the first Ferrari series hybrid model is scheduled for the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show.

In addition, while Ferrari is set to mark its foray into the EV market, it has persistently been working on hybrid drivetrains starting with the limited-edition LaFerrari coupe and LaFerrari Aperta roadster. Moreover, Marchionne has revealed that though Ferrari is mulling the expansion of the line-up with the addition of hybrid-powered vehicles, the automaker has not yet decided on the production models which should receive a gas-electric drivetrain.