Ford compares Tesla’s milestone Model 3 production rate to its own production capacity

Ford compares Tesla’s milestone Model 3 production rate to its own production capacity

According to last weekend reports, electric vehicle maker Tesla Motors has achieved its Model 3 production milestone of ‘5,000 units per week.’ However, the significance of Tesla’s achievement is apparently being doubted by automaker Ford, along with some analysts and investors at the Wall Street.

Touting Tesla’s Model 3 production milestone, the company’s CEO Elon Musk has, in a recent Twitter post, appreciated the efforts of the employees. Musk has also congratulated them for Models 3’s new record production week, during which Tesla also managed its weekly production rate of 2,000 units for the Model S and Model X; thereby hitting a total production of nearly 7,000 units in one week.

The combined ‘7,000 units a week’ production rate achieved by Tesla is a remarkable achievement, especially since it pertains to electric cars. No other automaker has thus far achieved such a feat in terms of electric-car production.

Meanwhile, Ford has mocked at Tesla’s achievement, and has compared Tesla’s ‘7,000 units’ electric-car production rate to its own production capacity. In response to Musk’s tweet, Steven Armstrong -- Chairman and CEO of Ford Europe and MEA -- has asserted that that Ford can produce 7,000 units in just a few hours.

The mockery of Tesla’s achievement by Ford is totally uncalled for, particularly because Ford is currently lagging behind in the electric vehicle arena, and does not have an all-electric vehicle built to be electric from the ground up. Tesla Motors has a strong fan following and the company has strong order book to deliver. Tesla has recently improved its production numbers and investors are confident about company’s performance in near future.