Edmunds apprises readers about Tesla Model 3 problems

Edmunds apprises readers about Tesla Model 3 problems

Tesla has received tremendous consumer response for its mass-market electric vehicle, Model 3. However, many consumers are still waiting for user reviews before they book their Tesla Model 3. With there being hardly any official word on the reliability and build quality of Tesla Model 3 electric car, Edmunds is keeping readers abreast of the problems with the vehicle, especially the recurrent issues with its electronics.

Edmunds continual appraisal of Tesla Model 3 can be helpful for hundreds of thousands of customers who are apparently apprehensive of ordering the vehicle because they are anxious about its dependability and build quality.

With regard to the Tesla Model 3 issues, Edmunds has recently revealed that, through the month of April, the stereo volume of the Model 3 being used by the organization continued to erratically crank up to ‘deafening.’ The organization also said that, occasionally, the stereo even turned on by itself at full volume.

Edmunds has also disclosed that during the month, the rear-view camera image of its Model 3 did not appear at times. Moreover, the navigation screen of the car sometimes zoomed in and out, and scrolled all by itself, resulting in frequent pixelating of the image.

Furthermore, as per Edmunds, the icons on the map screen of the organization’s Model 3 kept flickering during the month. The car’s audio display also rapidly wavered on the screen by itself; and, sometimes, the entire center screen, in which the car's primary controls are housed, failed to turn on. All these Model 3 problems revealed by Edmunds required the rebooting of the car.