Car industry is “obviously” moving towards “shared electrical autonomy model”: Musk

Car industry is “obviously” moving towards “shared electrical autonomy model”: Musk

On Wednesday, during Tesla’s first-quarter 2018 earnings call, CEO Elon Musk said that sharing of electric, self-driving vehicles is the “obvious” future for the auto industry.

Expressing his opinion about how he expects the car industry to shape up in the future, Musk said on the earnings call that people will, one day, be sharing electric autonomous vehicles. Musk further added that the ongoing developments in the car industry are “obviously” an indication of “a shared electrical autonomy model” in the future.

Musk elaborated that a “kind of a robo-Lyft or robo-Uber, sort of like a combination of Uber, Lyft and Airbnb type of thing” will apparently take shape in the future, when people will not only share their vehicles but will also offer their vehicles to others.

According to Musk, such a future scenario will evidently enable the owners of self-driving vehicles to rent out the vehicles to other users, depending on their requirements and comfort level. Visualizing such a scenario for the future, Musk said people will own their cars and also have “100 percent usage of an autonomous electric car.”

However, Musk also said alongside that such a future of the car industry would be possible only when cars have “full autonomy”, that is, ‘level four’ or ‘level five’ of automation.