BMW unveils concept version of iX3 SUV; will manufacture in China

BMW unveils concept version of iX3 SUV; will manufacture in China

China is major market for electric automobiles and majority of automobile companies have planned vehicles launches for Chinese market. At the 2018 Auto Show being held in Beijing this week, German automaker BMW made two noteworthy announcements indicative of its electric-car efforts.

The first announcement by BMW marked the unveiling of a concept version of its upcoming iX3 SUV --- a fully electric car which will be mass-produced by the automaker for the global market. The BMW iX3 is scheduled to hit the markets in 2020.

With regard to the details about the iX3 SUV, BMW has disclosed that the vehicle, based on the X3 compact SUV, will be equipped with a 70kWh battery pack and will boast compatibility with 150kW fast charging. The all-electric SUV will be packed with 270 horsepower, and will be able to offer a range of 250 miles.

In its second announcement at the 2018 Auto Show, BMW revealed that the iX3 SUV will be manufactured in China. Manufacturing in China will offer low-cost benefits and the company will also save on duty that China has imposed on imported vehicles.

BMW’s decision to produce the iX3 in China underscores the increasing influence which the country exerts on the auto market, particularly the electric-vehicle (EV) market. China is the world’s biggest car market, and presently the largest market for all-electric cars as well. BMW has evidently decided to produce the iX3 SUV in China because the government has recently relaxed manufacturing restrictions on overseas automakers, and is also aggressively pushing to clearout greenhouse gas emissions in the country.