BMW to Develop Battery Cells Specific to Vehicle Height

BMW to Develop Battery Cells Specific to Vehicle Height

German automaker BMW is developing different battery cells specific to the height of the electric vehicles (EVs) it plans to manufacture in the near future.

BMW’s ongoing efforts to develop multi-sized lithium ion battery cells to suit the requirement of different types of EVs will essentially ensure that it has the cells ready in time for the launch of what it calls the fifth phase of its electrification strategy in 2021.

BMW has a battery technology facility where battery cells are designed, although the automaker has no plans to produce battery cells in-house.

The move by BMW to develop different battery cells for different types of electric cars is apparently aimed at ensuring that the EVs manufactured by the automaker in the future are as attractive as the ICE-powered vehicles it currently manufactures.

With different battery cells being developed by BMW for different types of EVs, it is evident that the battery cells featured in the automaker’s all-electric and plug-in hybrid coupes and sedans will not be the same as the battery cells used in the company’s electrified SUVs and crossovers.

Since coupes and sedans sit lower to the ground as compared to SUVs and crossovers, BMW’s decision to equip different types of EVs with different battery cells underscores a move which will have a positive effect on the design of the vehicles, stability, as well as on the centre of gravity.