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The automotive industry is evolving rapidly and many automobile companies have already set massive budget for expansion of their electric vehicle offering. With many new innovations, as well as start-ups entering the market, it can be difficult for an investor to keep up with all of these new technologies. EV Bulletin tracks development of electric vehicles in North America, Europe and Asia.

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Major Chinese cities are often in news for smog but China is silently moving ahead in electric vehicle revolution. Chinese megacity Shenzhen has a full electric bus fleet comprising a total of 16,359 buses. Norway is leading Europe in consumer acceptance of electric vehicles with over 50% of new car registrations for EV segment. Model 3 from Tesla Motors has already reached Middle East and Canada.

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EV Bulletin tracks everything related to fast-developing electric and hybrid vehicles category. Our team is passionate about electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles (PHEV), charging networks and autonomous driving. We have special coverage on Tesla Motors, Volkswagen and BYD.

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